a couple personal pet sitting stories

I've been pet sitting since I was probably 11 or 12. In that time, you'll have some crazy stories to tell about your adventures! Here are a couple things that didn't go as planned during my career as a pet sitter.

Runaway Ruby
I used to care for a 6 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix named Miles and a 1 or 2 year old Shih Tzu named Ruby. The dogs lived together, and I would let them enjoy some time to stretch their little legs in their backyard after their walk. I went inside or looked away for a minute or two...I don't remember. But when I went back to focus on the dogs again, Ruby was nowhere to be found. At first I wasn't worried because it is a very big yard and Ruby is a little dog.

Then I noticed that a wooden block that blocked off one part of the fence was rolled over and Ruby was running around as joyful as ever in the neighbor's yard! I took care of the neighbor's dog, Bandit, so it's not like I felt weird going into the neighbor's backyard to scoop up Ruby and take her home. I wasn't sure if the wooden block was truly the reason she got out, until I let her and her brother out that afternoon and she darted to the wooden block.

Case closed!

Bad Bandit

Bandit, the dog next door from Ruby and Miles, was my favorite pet sitting client (but don't tell!). I met him on his first walk as a little puppy, I cared for him every Wednesday, and I watched him grow and learn about the world. Bandit has a bond with me, is extremely intelligent, and was the goofiest, clumsiest, but ready to learn puppy you could meet...but he was a puppy, and puppies like to get their own way!

Bandit acted like going into his crate was the worst thing in eternity. He'd backflip, whine, somersault, and do everything possible to avoid going into his crate. When all positive methods wouldn't work in a short amount of time, I'd put on his leash to force him to go up the stairs, but he'd slip his collar and pee on the stairs...and then I'd try to pick him up, but his classic razor-sharp puppy teeth and nails fought me off.

All the sudden a switch went off and he was okay with his crate one day, but he never has gotten over that puppy nipping and jumping!


  1. What cute pups! Pet sitting was some of the most fun I had working with animals. I had a little poodle terrier mix named Cookie and all she wanted to do was play ball. If you didn't pick up the ball when she fetched it, she would pick it up and toss it at you and bark. Like "Hello, human, did you not see I brought you a ball".


  2. Our angel Loki also snuck into the neighbours yard when he was being let sat. Silly puppies. Bandit sounds like he was a handful.


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