dog ownership: it never gets old

I was 12 years old when I first started wanting my very own dog.

I was responsible enough for my own dog. I knew the expense and effort it took to care for my own dog. I pushed it aside though, because I told myself that having a dog meant caring for it, even if the care routine became sort of...boring.

So I signed Chris' papers in September of 2015 and dove straight forward into the crazy, awesome, hectic world of dog ownership at only 12 years old. I was too in love with this little sausage dog of mine to think of his care routine as boring. I told myself it would all become blah in a few weeks, but because of love I would still properly care for Chris.

Then I was surprised.

It never get old. It never got old scooping kibble into a bowl every morning and night. It never got old taking that little dog out for potty breaks and walks two or three times a day. Sometimes we take more walks than that because sometimes, two or three walks isn't enough to make Chris and I content.

I never get tired of buying Chris supplies. Of giving him baths. Of cleaning his ears and trimming his nails. Of telling him I love him and he's my best friend.

Maybe there are some people who find no joy in their pooch's care regimen, and really, that's a shame. Because there's joy to find in everything, and it isn't that hard to find when it involves your favorite furry friend.