the abuse bettas endure

I love dogs. I really do. It isn't hard to discover that when you stumble across my blog.

However, I have a soft spot for all animals, and one animal I really like are Betta fish. I have a general fondness for all fish, but Bettas are probably the only fish I'd ever have. I own a beautiful Betta by name of Scuba.

One thing that makes me sad is the abuse Bettas endure. While all those pretty fish are in large tanks at Petsmart, Bettas are kept in little cups. I get it. I get it from a marketing standpoint in the industry. No pet store will fill up their entire facility with heated, filtered, 1+ gallon tanks that Bettas need. I get it. As long as the Bettas have clean water and are fed regularly, those temporary pet store cups will also be there while Bettas wait for homes.

But it's the picture that pet stores put in the heads of those potential adopters that change it all. Pet stores are supposed to be the rolemodel for proper pet care, yet their live animals are slowly suffering. I've seen it all. Dirty cups. Sick and dead fish. Starving fish. Pet store employees urging their customers to pick out the lowest quality fish pellets and the smallest fish bowls.

Bettas need at least 2.5 gallon tanks, a diet of mostly protein, heated and filter water, and any sicknesses should be tended to immediately. Fish are emotionally complex creatures, are very intelligent, and can learn to do simple tasks such as pushing around a ball or swimming through hoops.

Next time you see a Betta in a bowl or being kept in dirty water, remember you're witnessing the abuse of a living being that has feelings and emotions just like you do.


  1. It seems like every species of animal has to endure horrible neglect and cruelty. They need to listen to posts like yours. We hope Scuba is doing better.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. hello robin whiskers its dennis the vizsla dog hay we yoozed to hav wun of those fish heer!!! he livd in a five gallon tank with sum guppies and a snail!!! i think he had a pritty gud life for a fish maybe not as gud as my life on akkownt of he had to stay in the tank and didnt git to sit on mamas lap but stil not bad!!! i wish evry fish cud hav a gud life like that!!! ok bye


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