what is teamwork training?

Some dogs don't do well with other dogs. Some dogs are fine with other dogs, but it would be cool to see them working together instead of just existing together, don't you think? It's mentally stimulating for a dog to teamwork train with another dog. You might be wondering what teamwork training is. It isn't something you'll read about anywhere else on the internet, because it's sort of something I've made up. Dog training is NEVER by the book and every individual dog needs a different training plan. Training is never limited to any techniques, even if unheard of!

Teamwork training is where both dogs are wearing a harness and leash. Collars can be used, but harnesses are safer and altogether easier for the dog to learn with. Both dogs' leashes are tied together, one of the leash handles is tucked into one of the dogs' harnesses so it doesn't drag, and you hold one of the leashes. You technically are walking only one dog, even though both are under your control. However, the dogs are tied to each other and must learn to walk in a synchronized fashion. When one dog wants to go and sniff, either the other dog will go along with him or try to keep walking.

Teamwork training sounds odd, but it actually can be a very good technique to use with any dog. Both dogs are learning from the other dog, are using their brains, and for future training sessions you can note which dog seems to be calmer and more of a follower to the other dog, and which dog seems to make all the decisions on who gets to go where. Once your dogs have been successful walking as a team for several weeks, maybe you can add a third dog if you have one!

Always start teamwork training in a controlled environment where your dogs can't get hurt. Don't be surprised if your dogs don't agree with it at first; they will quickly get used to the concept. Start off walking your dogs in a slow, calm fashion. Gradual jogging and running can be added to the mix. The dogs will learn to respect each other's pace and adjust to it. Dogs instinctively love to run with "the pack"!

Here in the country, it's safe and easy to use retractable leashes on my canine dog walking clients, Rudy and Z. They live together and get along perfectly, and teamwork training has been a great way to give them a "job" in some sense. I recommend teamwork training for any dogs, anywhere.


  1. Exactly. My daughters got Piper doesn't like to walk on a leash and I walked her with Oreo and she did just fine. They were on separate leashes but she did it and lived to tell about it. Now..I have one for you Robin. Since my son got married....Addi now has a new brother a Pitbull named Loki. They play together and they get along great as long as there are NO toys or bones cuz they want what the other has. They both love toys separately just cant have them together. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


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