what it means to be an advocate for your dog

We live in a world where there are misconceptions about certain breeds of dog. We call it breed specific legislation, or "BSL" for short. It's important for owners of those dogs to be advocates for their pets.

But how can they be advocates? And how can owners of all sorts of dogs be advocates for their pets?

You see it all the time on social media, and it makes me proud. A Doberman owner posting a video of their pet gently playing with their child or romping with the family cat. A German Shepherd working as a therapy dog to lift broken spirits. A saying about how their Rottweiler is more trustworthy than those who hate on the dog. A Pit Bull who saved someone from drowning.

It's all out there when it comes to being an advocate for an underdog breed. It's easy to take a Pit Bull out to the pet store or park where people can pet it and get to know the breed. Maybe you're saying "let's leave that to them...I don't have one of those breeds many people dislike".

News flash! You can be advocate for your dog, even if he isn't labeled as a horrible killer!

Being an advocate for your individual dog and his breed is simple and important. Having your dog calm and well trained in different surroundings certainly won't make others have bad thoughts about his breed. Being ready to educate others on your dog and his breed when they ask are very important. You should never let your dog "just be". Training, boundaries, and lots of reinforcement and rewards are what it takes to transform your dog's behavior, not to mention that the bond you have with your dog is critical when it comes to his performance.

There are billions of dogs in the world, but this one's yours. It's your job to keep him in tow, and everyone else will go with the flow!


  1. Very important. We are all breed ambassadors no matter if poodle or pitbull. Showing the world well mannered pets will improve perception. This is a great way to think about it.


  2. hello robin its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not no wot i wood do if i did not hav mama to be my advokat!!! evry dog needs wun and i thank yoo for riting abowt it!!! ok bye


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